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Sprat, herring and flounder are fish received directly from fishermen. After harvesting, the fish are washed, weighed and packaged. Each of our suppliers is under constant supervision of the Veterinary Inspectorate. The raw material for salmon processing is obtained directly from Norwegian or Scottish fish farms.
In the interest of the highest quality and safety of the offered products, we regularly monitor the production process and raw material, and improve the professional qualifications of the Quality Control Department employees.


In our plants we use proven, top-quality technologies. We own fully automated freezing system of raw material in vertical cabinets, 12 chambers and freezer lines, modern smoking chambers, lines for salmon processing, lines for weighting and packaging the finished raw, smoked and frozen products.
The suppliers of our devices including: Baader, Unifood, Multivac, Marel, DSI, Cabinplant, Peruza, Coldex, Johnson Controls, JBT are the leaders on the European market.

Unique freezing methods

The safety of production processes and the highest quality of the offered products are our priorities. We use block freezing lines, IQF product freezing lines, freezer supply tunnels and spiral freezing tunnel (IQF).
The quality of our products is monitored at every stage of the production process. The finished product is also subjected to precise control.

Fresh Baltic Herring covered with ice.

We freeze around


of raw material per day

We have


of experience

We are able to pack


of raw material within an hour

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