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Sprat, herring and flounder are fish received directly from fishermen. After harvesting, the fish are washed, weighed and packaged. Each of our suppliers is under constant supervision of the Veterinary Inspectorate. The raw material for salmon processing is obtained directly from Norwegian or Scottish fish farms.
In the interest of the highest quality and safety of the offered products, we regularly monitor the production process and raw material, and improve the professional qualifications of the Quality Control Department employees.


In our plants we use proven, top-quality technologies. We own fully automated freezing system of raw material in vertical cabinets, 12 chambers and freezer lines, modern smoking chambers, lines for salmon processing, lines for weighting and packaging the finished raw, smoked and frozen products.
The suppliers of our devices including: Baader, Unifood, Multivac, Marel, DSI, Cabinplant, Peruza, Coldex, Johnson Controls, JBT are the leaders on the European market.

Unique freezing methods

The safety of production processes and the highest quality of the offered products are our priorities. We use block freezing lines, IQF product freezing lines, freezer supply tunnels and spiral freezing tunnel (IQF).
The quality of our products is monitored at every stage of the production process. The finished product is also subjected to precise control.

Fish meal

Paula Fish owns a modern plant with a line for the production of fish meal and fish oil from pelagic fish with a capacity of up to 200 tons of raw material per day. They originate from the highest quality fresh sea fish, such as sprat and herring from the Baltic Sea. The technological line is made to the highest standard, which allows for the production of a product of Grade-A quality, such as fish oil for human consumption or fish meal with a protein content of over 72%. The plant is able to adjust the parameters of the oil and meal produced to individual customer requirements.

Fish oil

The plant can produce standard fish oil for human consumption. The oil produced in the factory has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids from the Omega-3 group, vitamins A, D and E, which are very important health supplements for humans. It is a good alternative for people who do not like fish or do not eat it often enough. It is also an essential part of a balanced diet for aquatic and terrestrial animals. It also improves the energy, taste and aroma of feed or food. Fish meal produced in the Paula Fish plant is characterized by a high content of wholesome protein (over 72%) with a high digestibility factor. It also contains essential amino acids, vitamins from groups B, A, D and E. It is a rich source of macro and microelements as well as unsaturated fatty acids. Fish meal is a crucial component of the diet of aquatic and terrestrial animals. It improves development, growth and reproduction. Thanks to the high nutritional value, it builds resistance to diseases by enhancing the work of the immune system.

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